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Ideas You Can Use in Saving Money October 7, 2014

Spending money and not saving money is a modern day malady. It seems that saving is only applicable to people approaching retirement. The wide use of credit cards and online Internet shopping has made the habit of savings obsolete. Many individuals in developed countries have transformed themselves into subsistence dependence, often times barely surviving from payday to payday.

Saving money is simple. However, you need to understand that often times the principle works opposite to your thinking. When you start to save, it is often computed in the long term, not days or months. Small savings make their mark over time. You can start with some of these ideas.

Try to Obtain Free Stuff

Some large soap and shampoo manufacturers often give away promotion stuff if you just accomplish a survey form. If you can locate them and determine when such promotions   are given away, you will end up with a few pounds in savings by the end of the year. This may seem small but saving is always small amounts accumulated to become big.

Try to Sell Unused Stuff

Every household has some stuff that is no longer used. Try to clean your house and segregate all the unused stuff. Those that are no longer usable you can throw away but those that work you set aside. You will be surprised that some unused stuff still has their price tags on. You never used them and bought them on a sale. Post them on eBay and sell them.

Try to Gather Your Pennies

Pennies often times are found everywhere. You have them in your pocket, shirt, on the table, under the table, on your car seat, under your seat and yes they are found everywhere. Gather them and put them in one container. When the container is full exchange them for pounds and that’s saving money.

Try to Shop on Cash Only

Shopping using credit card is the norm. When you shop on a zero interest item, don’t swipe your card. It is not true that it’s zero interest. The mark-up is already included in the full purchase price. Pay this item in cash but ask the store to give you the mark-up as your cash discount. If you do this frequently you will end up with substantial savings.

Try to Postpone before you Buy

Buying is an emotional decision they say and it is true. Marketers and advertisers know this and they play on your emotions to convince you to buy. If you have this urge to buy when you think it is not wise to do it, then you postpone. Wait for three to four days before thinking about the issue again. Your impulse to buy is gone by this time. This may be your most frequent activity in saving money.

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